Tuliterä Studio Session #2
Drum tracks for all songs done. Edit mode activated...

Diablerie in Transition
Recorded new vocals and mixed Transition EP for Diablerie. Industrial Metal Goodness.

Tuliterä Studio Session #1
Hit City Lights Studio with Tuliterä.

Live Mixing
Took up live sound engineer duties at PRKL Club.

Screaming Jesus
Recorded and mixed an EP for Screaming Jesus followed by a 3 day mini tour warming up the stage for Rhino Bucket.

Road to the Octagon
The album is mastered at Finnvox by Mika Jussila.

In studio with Impaled Nazarene
Road to the Octagon recordings start at Hell "City Lights" Hole Studio.

Black Curse Over Hellsinki II
FOH mixing @ Black Curse Over Hellsinki II done. Sigh (JAP), Impaled Nazarene and Black Crucifixion were clearly the best bands. I still have Sigh's Taste Defeat playing in my head...

Minor update
Calendar and contact added to the info section.

Throes of Dawn - Great Fleet of Echoes
Finally it's out there in the cold cold world.
Order yours from Firebox webstore.

Teque - Vintage2: Dreamlands
Second album in the Vintage series up for grabs. Another batch from the Ensoniq SD-1 vault of shame.
Download from Last.fm or iLike.com

New Website - Finally!
Goodbye Teque's Da Studio v0.9b - Hello Teque Musique v1.0.
Lost my nerves totally a couple of times, but in the end got it done somehow.