DeGenerator Demo
01. Day Replicate (Voc Demo)03:44MP3
02. Last Transmission (Voc Demo)05:03MP3
03. Technologica (Inst Demo)04:01MP3
04. Skin Dead Tone (Inst Demo)04:35MP3
05. Fraction (Inst Demo)06:22MP3
06. Stompah (Inst Demo)06:22MP3

Vocals and lyrics by Henri "Kaamos" Koivula
Machines of Sadness by Tero "Teque" Kostermaa
All music composed, arranged, recorded and produced by Tero Kostermaa
- tracks 1 and 4 at Middletown HQ (CT,USA) May/June 2006.
- and the rest back at Da Studio in 2006
Vocals arranged and recorded by Henri Koivula at Villa Koivula