Quick Hack Biography
1988 Early years tracking on Amiga 500 with SoundTracker, Oktalyzer and later ProTracker
1990First rather disasterous MIDI experiments with Steinberg Pro 24 (Amiga version) & Ensoniq SQ-1 completely erased the sythesizers memory. Back to tracking on Amiga
1991Ensoniq SD-1 arrives. Lo and behold floppy disc storage. Serious sequencing on the SD-1 begins.
1994The year I donated to the government aka entered the finnish military service. During the service I somehow managed to compose a couple of songs for Bloodhouse's Stardust Atari ST version.
1995My new era of tracking starts. Goodbye Amiga, Hello PC and FastTracker II.
1996Aggression's Utopos/Gunkan/Guntech game project drags me to Remedy Entertainment.
1997Started working on Max Payne project. Final Reality Soundtrack.
1998Max Payne E3 Video Soundtrack
19983DMark'99 Soundtrack.
1999Max Payne E3 Video Soundtrack
1999Composed a song with Kai-Eerik Komppa for Unreal Tournament (PC) Soundtrack
19993DMark2000 Soundtrack.
2000Max Payne E3 Video Soundtrack
2000XL-R8R Soundtrack. Parted ways with Remedy.
2001Max Payne (PC) Additional Sound Effects
2001Mobile gaming adventure with Fathammer. Full circle back to tracker music with 4-8 channels.
2002Ventured into the world of theater sound engineering. Fun times with the staff & cast of Komediateatteri Arena.
2007Nuclear live sound assault with Impaled Nazarene begins.
2010Throes of Dawn - The Great Fleet of Echoes (Producing/Mixing)
2010Impaled Nazarene - Road to the Octagon (Producing/Mixing)